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Jan 1-2 2006 New Year Jan 6 Epiphany
Apr 24 Easter Monday (Orthodox)
May 1 Labour Day
Dec 1 National Day
Dec 25-26 Christmas

German Consulate Sibiu

Cancelary: 550169 Sibiu
Str. Lucian Blaga Nr. 15 - 17
Tel.: 0040-269-206 211
Fax: 0040-269-206 299
e-Mail: info@hermannstadt.diplo.de
Open: Monday-Friday 9.00-11.30

Honorary Consulate of Austria in Sibiu
550 185 Sibiu, Gral Magheru 4
Tel./Fax: +40 (0)269 211 311
e-mail: andreas.huber(at)konsulat-at.ro

Travel formalities
American and Canadian citizens as well as citizens of most European countries do not need an entry visa to visit Romania (for stays up to 90 - ninety - days).
However, a valid passport is required for all international visitors except for citizens of the countries of the European Union who can enter Romania with their Identity Card.
There is no Entry or Departure Tax.

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The Tourist Protection and Assistance Service (S.P.A.T) functioning within the Community Policy of the City of Sibiu offers assistance and protection for tourists visiting Sibiu, S.P.A.T. agents offer information about the objectives in the historical center, transportation opportunities, foreign exchange rates, emergency numbers of embassy and consulates, how to use ATMs, fixed phone cards, directions towards taxi stops, drug stores, shops, restaurants, hospitals, souvenir shops etc.
Contact S.P.A.T: Telephon: 0040 269 208800
The Romanian currency is called LEU and is the only currency accepted in shops and restaurants. The most accepted foreign currency are the American dollar and the EURO, so be sure that you have some of these before enter the country.
The best way of carrying funds is in cash euros. ATMs are available throughout the city and Mastercard and Visa are accepted in large hotels and shops, but not in smaller towns and villages.
You can exchange money at banks and privately owned bureaux de change, called "Casa de schimb valutar".
Please beware of the commision charged for transaction.
telefon unic 112

The Romanian Telecommunication agency is called Romtelecom and the postal service is Posta Romana. To use a public telephone you need a phone card which is sold in post offices, some news-stands or at Telecom office.
The telephone numbers have ten digits: the first four digits 0269 - indicate the Sibiu code and the rest six the number. When calling from abroad dial 0040269 following by the six digits number.