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The Natural Park Cindrel
Protected area, complex in flora, fauna, geomorphological and hydrographic.
Area: 9873,9 ha
Localization: the alpine and subalpine range of the peaks Cindrelul (2244m), Steflesti (2285m) and Contu Mare. It is situated in the area of the villages Gura Raului, Rasinari, Tilisca and Jina.
Access: Districtual Road (D.J.) Sibiu - Paltinis, then path; D.N. Sibiu - Jina, then path; D.J. Sibiu - Sadu - Rau Sadului - Cindrel Saddle (Saua Cindrel) - Steflesti, then path; D.J. Sebes - Sugag - Cindrel Saddle - Steflesti, then path.

The Natural Park Fagaras Alpine Barren
Protected area, complex in flora, fauna, geomorphological and hydrographic.
Area: 6989 ha
Localisation: Alpine Barren of Fagaras Mountains, between Suru and Podragu Peaks. The northern side belongs to the villages Racovita, Porumbacu, Arpas and the town Avrig. It also includes The Natural Reservation Balea.
Access: From the D.N. 1(E 68) Sibiu - Brasov, districtual roads and paths from the localities Turnu Rosu, Sebesul de Sus, Avrig, Porumbacu de Sus, Cartisoara, Arpasul de Sus (district of Sibiu), Vistea de Sus, Victoria and Sambata (district of Brasov).

The Natural Reservation Suvara Sasilor - Talmaciu
It is a botanical reservation.
Area: 20 ha
Localisation: on the valley of the river Sadu, between the localities Sadu and Talmaciu (430 m altitude), on the area of the village Talmaciu.
Access: DN Sibiu - Ramnicu Valcea, as far as Talmaciu, then DJ Talmaciu - Sadu.

The Natural Reservation Balea
Complex reservation of flora and fauna, geomorphological and hydrographic.
Area: 180 ha
Localisation: Fagaras Mountains, the glacial hollow Balea, between the peaks Vanatoarea lui Buteanu (Buteanu's Hunting) (2508 m), Capra (2439 m), Paltinu Mare (2398), Muchea lui Buteanu (Buteanu's Edge) (2506 m) and Piscul Balii (Balea's Peak), in the area of the village Cartisoara.
Access - From D.N. 1(E 68) starts Transfagarasan, through the village Cartisoara and Balea Valley; CFR Railway station - Carta; crest mountain route, with descent on Balea Lake.

The Natural Reservation the Lake without Bottom from Ocna Sibiului
It was formed in an ancient salt mine, that fell in 1775. It is also called Francisc Lake or the Woods Lake.
Area: 0,2 ha
Localisation: in the eastern side of the park Ocna Sibiului, nearby the alley to the railway station.
the railway Sibiu - Medias, station Ocna Sibiului;
the way Sibiu - Ocna Sibiului.

The Steppe Reservation from Sarba Valley
It is a reservation complex in flora and fauna, characteristic for the area of Euro - Siberian steppe.
Area: 11 ha (from which 4,5 ha are damaged by slidings).
Localisation: On the border of the village Slimnic, at 15 km from Sibiu and 2 km from Slimnic, on the side of Zakel Hill.
Access: from DN 14 (Sibiu - Medias), following a local road, about 2 km.

The Natural Reservation Iezerele Cindrelului
It is a mixed reservation, geomorphological and hydrographic of flora and fauna.
Area: 609,6 ha
Localization: on the zone of the village Gura Raului, on the northern side of the plateau Frumoasa (The Beautiful), near the peak Cindrel (2244 m). It contains two glacial valleys, with the lakes Iezerul Mare (1999 m, 3 ha and 13,30 m depth) and Iezerul Mic (1946 m, 1,7 m depth). It lays between 2205 m and 1750 m altitude.
Access: on the road Sibiu - Paltinis (32 km). From Paltinis - mountain route Paltinis - Batrana - Cindrel (6 - 7 hours).

The Natural Reservation Arpasel
It is a fauna and flora reservation. There are living about 80% of the chamois from Fagaras Mountains, marmots, bears, mountain eagles, deer.
Area: 732 ha
Localisation: On the northern side of Fagaras Mountains, in Arpasel Valley, beside the Natural Park Balea. It includes the superior alpine - subalpine and montaneous level, between 2500 and 1000 m altitude, on the valley guarded by the peaks Vanatoarea lui Buteanu (2508 m) (Buteanu's Hunting) and Vartopel (2359 m).
Owner: R.A. Romsilva - branch of Sibiu, Forest Ward Arpas.
the railway Sibiu - Brasov, railway station Arpasul de Jos;
the highway Sibiu - Brasov, village Arpasul de Jos.

The Natural Reservation of Eocene Calcareous Stones from Turnu Rosu
It is a nature monument having a palaeonthological value, with numerous mineral elements and fossilized species of flora and fauna.
Area: 60 ha
Localisation: South - South Eastern border of the village Turnu Rosu, watered by the flow of Sadu Valley.
CFR Railway Station on the line Sibiu - Podul Olt - Ramnicu Valcea (201), at 20 km from Sibiu;
DN - Talmaciu - Racovita - Avrig, variant starting in front of the railway station Podul Olt towards Turnu Rosu.


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Helen @ 05/03/2017, 13:09

can you please advise whether there are any tours available form Sibiu
on the 25/26/27th of March?
I’m interested in doing day trips to see some scenery please. I am
travelling alone. are there any agencies in Sibiu that organise group trips I could join? is it possible to do anything easily on public transport please? I look forward to meeting you.


ioana @ 20/08/2016, 21:40

Sunt mijloace de transport care fac legatura dintre orasul Sibiu si Parcul Natural?sau se organizeaza undeva drumetii astfel incat sa permita vizitarea rezervatiei de catre turistii ajunsi la Sibiu fara masina?Multumesc


Manon Tuerlinckx @ 25/06/2015, 17:19

A friend of mine and I are going to Sibiu on July 6th and we’d like to hike in the natural reserves nearby. We have to get back to Bucarest on July 10th. Could you give us some advice please. We would also like to sleep in the natural reserves or elsewhere in the mountain, is it possible ?  Is it possible to get to those natural reserves without a car ? Are there any public transportations to get there ? Is it possible to buy trail maps in sibiu or at the entrance of those natural reserves ?
Thank you,
Manon tuerlinckx