Sibiu is situated in an area rich in traditions. The fact that the city is surrounded by the villages in

Mărginimea Sibiului and by the old Saxon villages rendered a special character to the city and to the entire area. Traditions represent for Sibiu an important part of its spirituality, whether we refer to religious holidays, public events or to the traditional cuisine.

The traditional markets of Sibiu are such an element, the markets being the place in which producers in Sibiu and the surrounding areas merchandise their products.

The Cibin market [1] is the most important outlet for the commercialization of fruit, vegetables and food products in Sibiu, being situated at the outer limit of the Lower City (part of the historical city). In the over 300 spaces available here for the commercialization of products, the inhabitants of Sibiu, but also tourists, can find fresh fruit and vegetables from the area of Sibiu as well as from other parts of the country. One can also buy here meat, meat products and the famous cheese produced in Sibiu.

Due to the fact that the request for such products is constantly increasing and given that local and county authorities wish to encourage producers unwinding their activity in the city of Sibiu as well as in the county of Sibiu, they offered them space for commercialization within two traditional markets, one in the Huet Square [2] and one organized in front of Transilvania Hall [3]. 
The traditional market organized in Huet Square, in the historical center of Sibiu, is open every Friday, and the one in front of Transilvania Hall is open to the public every Saturday. The markets abound in meat products produced within households, as well as jams, eggs, bread and pastry products, fruit and vegetables, but also medicinal plants and craft products.

This is one of the aspects Sibiu wishes to highlight through the project entitled Sibiu, European Gastronomic Capital in 2019, Sibiu and the entire region being well known and appreciated for their traditional products and for the local gastronomy.

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