For those who love open air walks and for those seeking ways to unwind, Sibiu offers various possibilities to spend one's leisure time.
The Sub Arini Park and the Dumbrava Forest offer a great scenery for walking or jogging.
Nearby the Sub Arini Park there is a tennis court and the Transilvania Hall which offers the possibility to practice table tennis.
Basket ball panels were installed near the Transilvania Hall for those who want to practice.
If you want to see the real basket ball players at work, you can see the A division basket ball championship at the Transilvania Hall and the games of the local CSU Sibiu team.
For those who love swimming, there is the Public Baths Complex and also the Olimpia Complex, opened all year long. Olimpia offers the public a 25 meters pool, with 6 swimming corridors, a diving pool of 15x15 meters and a tribune with 600 seats. It is an indoor complex and it has been recently renovated.
In 2008, the City Hall built a skateboard park at the intersection of Gimnasticii Street, Berariei Street and Corneliu Coposu Boulevard for those young people who are fond of this sport


The first bicycle path was inaugurated in 2007. It has a total length of over 3 kms and its width varies according to the available space between 2.4 and 3 meters. The first path inaugurated in 2007, stretches on the Scoala de Înot Street, passes by the Municipal Stadium and crosses the Sub Arini Park to Dumbrava forest.
In 2010 works are being continued to extend the bicycle path with another approximately 3 kilometers on Aleea Calaretilor Street, through Dumbrava Forest and leading at the entrance of the Open Air Museum.
In 2011 Municipality has finished another 10 bicycle paths that connect the entire city neighborhoods.

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