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Hotel Imparatul Romanilor, 19-th Century . IN BRIEF
The hotel tradition in Sibiu is the oldest in Romania, the first hotel in Sibiu being documented as early as 1555. Its first name was "The Sultan of the Turks", its name going through successive changes during the centuries.
In 1773 it changed its name into the Roman Emperor, and the present day building was finalized in 1895.
The hotel hosted an impressive number of personalities such as Franz Listz, Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms, Emperor Joseph II of Austria, King Carol XII of Sweden, Mihai Eminescu, first lady Danielle Mitterand, it was also host to three German presidents - Roman Herzog, Karl Carstens, Johannes Rau and Prince Charles.
During the 17th century, the "La mielul alb" (White Lamb) Inn functioned for hundreds of years at the crossroad of Ocnei Street and 9 Mai Street at no. 3.
Among the famous inns which no longer exist today we mention here the following:
"Curtea Bistriteana" Inn (1769) on Centumvirilor Street, "Curtea Mediasului" Hotel on Mitropoliei Street at no. 7 (starting with the 18th century) and the "Lebu" hotel and restaurant at the corner of Ocnei with Zidului Street.
At the beginning of the 20th century "Curtea Mediasului" became the Bonfert Hotel.
In 1914, a hotel now dominating the center of the city was erected at the end of Nicolae Balcescu Street and on the former location of the walls belonging to the third fortification precinct which had been recently demolished: Bulevard Hotel (in 2007 it became the Continental Forum Hotel).
Other hotels existing in the period between the two world wars: "Central" owned by Cioca, "Ospiciul Crestin2 /"Christlisches Hospity", "P. Guendsch" on Tg. Pestelui Street, "Royal" owned by Georg Simon and "Transsylvania" on the nowadays 9 mai Street, nearby the Railway Station.
Continental Hotel was erected in 1976 with 14 floors, followed by the BTT Hotel (the present day Parc Hotel).